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Melbourne Airport (MEL) - Guide to Melbourne (MEL) Airport

Melbourne has an efficient and reliable public transport network, with trains, buses, trams and an underground railway system linking the city centre with the suburbs and beyond. For tourists wishing to explore the Central Business District, it is often most simple to just walk between the shops and attractions, since the local trams and buses often crawl their way through traffic congestion at busy times.

Trains and coaches run regularly to other cities in Victoria and Australia. A number of good roads lead in and out of Melbourne, making it easy to reach by car from other cities.

If you opt for a rental car, then you should note that there are a number of roads where tram lines run down the very centre. Those driving on one of the nearby freeways will find that many require a toll to be paid first. It is possible to purchase a 'Melbourne Pass' prior to travelling along tollways, which can prove to be cost effective if you are planning to get out and about. Of note, parking in the city centre is an expensive affair, with most parking meters charging by the hour.

Melbourne International Airport, the second biggest in Australia, is about 21 km / 13 miles from the city centre and is served by a number of airlines offering flights to domestic and international destinations. The airport has good facilities for travellers, as most would expect.

Bright yellow taxis are a familiar sight in the centre of Melbourne, although they are not so commonplace within the city's suburbs.

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